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Having previously worked on a widely read eBook series; Bella The Servant, we would like to introduce Molly The Puppy Girl; an Animated Graphic Novel in a High Definition video series that will leave you salivating for more.

Molly The Puppy Girl

Unlike anything you have read on the internet, Our latest plot twist; Molly The Puppy Girl – looks into the perfect life of a pet-loving young girl who gets kidnapped, and is forced into a Master and Pet relationship against her will.

The action-packed series will be adopting a first-of-its-kind framework that has never been seen in the adult-content industry.

While the first episode of this interesting series is almost out, a High Definition animated video is planned to be released to help convey the story more appealingly. We will also be building a new and improved adult-themed website for Molly The Puppy girl while crowning the project with a free-to-play video game app called Puppy Girls.

The video game app will not be for everyone though. We decided to only grant video game access to members of the public who embrace their adult-fantasies by supporting the “Molly” Project.

What Needs To Be Done

Unlike Bella The Servant, we have big dreams for our new project. We do not want our readers to wait so long for new episodes to be released, so, we have decided to increase the strength of our team by bringing in more experts.

First, we will be hiring more professional scriptwriters to work with us to drastically reduce our script creation time. We will also be hiring an amazing graphic novel artist to help us create the HD video version of Molly the Puppy Girl.

Other experts that will be needed to join our team will also include a sound effects expert, a website developer, and a video game programmer. We believe that having as many hands as are needed to work on the project will guarantee a timely and professional finish.

What’s Holding Us Back

At the moment, the development of Molly The Puppy Girl has been limited by our lack of external support. Most people who find pleasure in adult content do so behind closed doors, that is why it has been tough for us to attract volunteers or financial support.

Molly and the entire adult-entertainment industry need your support to help us generate the financial strength to make this new plot-twist a force to reckon with.

How Much Do We Need?

To achieve a first-class development of our story-line, we are seeking donations to raise a total of Eight Thousand US Dollars which will be put into the execution of the project.

Here’s a breakdown of what we need, and why we need it.

  • $1,000 – Hiring of Script Writers and Proofreaders.
  • $3,000 – Payment for HD video animation and graphics which will be featured in the novel.
  • $1,000 – Audio/Sound effects which will be featured in the Molly The Puppy Girl animation.
  • $ 500 – Adult-themed website development for Molly The Puppy Girl.
  • $2,500 – Video Game App development.

Everyone who supports us will have the opportunity to get a first-class experience of the released episodes, as well as a private viewing of our high-quality video animation when it is ready to air.

Even though other episodes will be funded through the proceeds received from the release of our first episode, donors will be notified of upcoming future episodes and will always get the latest information about the development of the Graphic Novel set to be released in 2021.

Support the development of the Animated Graphic Novel in a live-action adventure, Molly The Puppy Girl a High Definition video.

Don’t keep her waiting for so long.

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